Comfort from numbers. Even if its just 1

I’ve never been much of a numbers girl before this year but suddenly I can’t get enough of them. I’m seem to be able to spend hours Googling statistics: chances of three miscarriages in a row; chances of three in a row with no previous children, chances of successful pregnancy after 6 weeks, 7 weeks, 8 weeks, chances of getting pregnant if you ‘do it’10 days post AF, or if you stand on your head, or if you’re a libra (which I’m not).

And once I have these stats I can spin them to match my mood. If I’m feeling negative, 40% chance, less than half, there’s more chance of rain at a summer wedding than me having a successful pregnancy, it’s never gonna happen *wails*. Or on a good day, people win the lottery or get struck by lightning every day (I’m sure some have done both), my chances of a successful pregnancy are huge, it’ll definitely happen!

But most days the numbers are just numbers, not good or bad just there. The one thing which can always give me hope is people. One of my close friends had a horrid few years with IVF treatments but now she’s days away from giving birth. Another friend from work suffered a missed miscarriage last year and today she brought her three month old in today to meet everyone.

These things give me hope when all the stats seem like random numbers, these names and faces and tiny baby fingers make me feel positive. So this evening rather than googling for stats I’m going to find one persons story (just one) which mirrored mine to date who has now had a healthy baby and that will be enough to remind me that it can, and will, happen for me.

2 thoughts on “Comfort from numbers. Even if its just 1

  1. My story is too long to post on here, but I’ll give you a “brief” that might be comforting (you can check out my blog). When my son was a year old (2010 — we had not problems with his pregnancy) we got pregnant again. Long story short — over the past three years I’ve had FOUR miscarriages — two before 6 weeks (they weren’t mmc), one “chemical” (I was bleeding before I even found out), and one blighted ovum (we didn’t find that out ’til our first ultrasound. Losing a baby is terrible, it’s hard trying and seeing that positive and then seeing blood or an empty sac. There is a silver lining. My doctor decided that I had a progesterone deficiency (one of the pregnancy hormones) and I found out June 9 I was pregnant for the sixth time and immediately started taking hormones. We just had our 12 week ultrasound today and our baby is perfect! Great heartbeat, great movement and size. Statistics have told me I shouldn’t be carrying this baby, but I AM! The loss is devastating whether it’s the first or fourth time, but don’t get lost in it and don’t lose that hope — it can happen.

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