Even Simon Cowell is having a baby

Just as life was starting to return to normal after the endless column inches dedicated to Kate’s pregnancy and the birth of the royal baby, what happens? Simon Cowell gets his (ex) friend’s wife knocked up and it’s baby, baby, baby all over the papers again. Being mean I did think, don’t worry Simon, don’t you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and with your ageing sperm the stats are probably even higher. But obviously that won’t happen. After all, if you get knocked up by accident with a baby you don’t want, you’ll have a text book pregnancy. It’s only those of us who have waited til we are in a strong relationship, have a family home and financial stability and desperately want a child who have problems with conception or miscarriage! Sorry, rant over.


2 thoughts on “Even Simon Cowell is having a baby

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