Patience is a virtue

I realised yesterday that if we are successful in getting pregnant this month (I’m not confident this will happen) and if we are able to carry the baby to term (I’m also not confident this will happen), our baby would be born next May. NEXT MAY! It feels so long away. We were married last May and started actively trying to conceive last summer. If you had asked me if we would be pregnant by now I would have had no doubts that it would happen. Now I have no idea what this next year will bring. My faith in my ability to carry a baby is failing and although I know the statistics are still on our side I’m no longer prepared to get our hopes up. So for now we just wait and see what happens and hope that the next year brings us our baby. Unfortunately I HATE WAITING so this will be as much about a mental battle with myself as it will be about a physical (uncontrollable) battle for my body to successfully carry a baby.

They say that patience is a virtue and it is definitely one that I do not possess!

1 thought on “Patience is a virtue

  1. If there were a blood test to measure patience, my results would come back at zero. Waiting is the worst, but I have no doubt that one day soon, the waiting will be over and before you know it you’ll be watching your baby take their first steps, sending them off to their first day of kindergarten and even watching them graduate.

    But in the meantime, keep blogging to keep your sanity and take deep breathes. I know it’s much easier said than done.

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