Start of the two week wait

So today’s the start of the dreaded two week wait. The baby making activities are done for another month, although we might have one more try today “for luck”.

Over the last two weeks i have regularly topped up the sperm levels (thank you husband) and now there is nothing else we can do this month but wait and see whether: (I) one of his swimmers made it to my Fallopian tubes; (ii) I produced a good egg (or any egg, this is after all our first full month since miscarriage); (iii) the production of my egg coincided with the arrival of his sperm; (iv) the sperm was able to combine with the egg; (v) the foetus firmly implanted into the lining of my womb; (vi) my hormone levels rise at the correct levels to grow the embryo; and (vii) the embryo cells divide at the correct rate. Not much to ask then!

I know that is a bit like a school biology lesson but I find myself thinking about the process more and more at the moment. Given all the stages which happen during the two week wait just to get a BFP I wonder how anyone ever gets pregnant. I just have to remember that we’ve managed it twice before so there is no reason to think it won’t happen again.

I’m sure over the next few weeks I’ll become an awful symptom spotter, every twinge, sneeze, cramp or wave of nausea will be a sign. I’ll over analyse everything I do (will going for a jog stop the embryo implanting properly, will not going for a jog affect my hormone levels as my body is used to the routine, will the mercury in my tuna salad affect cell division etc). I will remind myself that I am being stupid and that “what will be will be” and I know that this is true but I know that wont stop me having ridiculous thoughts and driving myself mad with the “am I, aren’t I”. Hopefully the time will fly by and on 24th either AF will have arrived or I will allow myself a test (it will be 28 days since the start of my cycle which is my usual length).

I’m sure I will drive you insane with my TTW musings over the coming days so please bear with me, it’s all part of the TTC fun!

4 thoughts on “Start of the two week wait

  1. I’ll bear with you if you bear with me! lol I just finished the 2 week wait…got my period this morning. I hate this day! But you are right…with everything that needs to happen to make a baby, it is a miracle that it does! And always seems to for teenage girls! Grr!~

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