Why do I not learn?

Why oh why don’t I learn? After saying this morning that I wasn’t symptom spotting, I went one worse and took a first response pregnant test! Stupid I know! My period is not even due until Saturday at the earliest but I was driving myself mad thinking about it as I’ve been getting all of my usual pregnancy symptoms (which coincidentally are very similar to AF symptoms so not very helpful). Needless to say it was negative but as it is so early I’m still thinking that might be wrong.

So now im still driving myself mad symptom spotting but I’m also feeling far less optimistic, a little depressed, annoyed with myself for testing too early and £10 poorer!

Next month I will promise myself that I won’t do this again. But I probably will!

3 thoughts on “Why do I not learn?

  1. I know I say the same thing every month. We can’t freaking help it, it’s like some cosmic force has taken away all sense or control. We need that good news immediately, nothing wrong with that. I had to buy the cheapo chemist tests so as not to go broke on the posh ones 😦

  2. I’ve spent more money on pregnancy tests than I’ll even admit! If my husband knew how much I’ve spent on tests, he’d be furious! I’d start testing about four days before and test one week after I’m supposed to start because my cycles were so screwy I never knew my exact date.

  3. Do this all time! I am always misinterpreting everything! I can usually hold off on the preg tests (they are so expensive, I don’t want to waste them!), but when it gets close, I sometimes use the Dollar Tree tests. Ugh….we can’t just let it be! We are crazy!! But you are in good company!

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