Are we everyone else’s infertile couple?

Everyone knows someone that something unusual or unlikely has happened to. Someone who’s won the lottery. Someone who’s been struck by lightening. Someone who’s had a top 40 chart hit. Someone who can’t have a baby.

This evening ANOTHER set of friends have just announced their pregnancy and it has left me wondering. Are we destined to be everyone else’s infertile couple?

3 thoughts on “Are we everyone else’s infertile couple?

  1. Sigh, I hate other people’s good news. I’m so not a good sport. And I know how you feel. We are the couple everyone feels sorry for, that it’s such a shame. They are secretly pleased its not them. I hate being in this position. Thinking of you xx

  2. I think that too. Everyone around me must secretly breathe a sigh of relief. I make the odds so much better for them.

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