Sitting out this cycle

As expected after less week’s negative early pregnancy test, AF arrived on Friday. I was actually quite pleased that she made an appearance on time (actually 12 hours early) as it meant that I could get on with enjoying the bank holiday weekend without constantly wondering if I could be pregnant.

I went out at the weekend and bought a large box of OPKs, my instant feeling when AF arrived was that I was going to take control of TTC and maximise our chances of getting pregnant this month. However, after thinking about it a bit more yesterday and having a chat with the boy, we’ve decided to take control in a different way this month. We’re going to sit out this cycle and use condoms if we want to have sex during my fertile period!

Yes you read that correctly. After being desperate to get pregnant again as soon as possible, we’ve done a full 360 and decided not to try to conceive this month. The main reason for this is the holiday we are taking next month. We are off in just over five weeks time which means that if we did get pregnant this month the morning sickness I got with my first pregnancy could kick in just as we headed off on our trip. Also, I’ve been looking at all of the things I want to do while we’re there: horse riding, spa day with massages, mountain biking, eating seafood by the bay, drinking champagne. None of which I would be able to do if I was pregnant. Add to that the fact that I would be constantly worried about the pregnancy and the risk of miscarrying abroad and it just seems like a sensible decision to sit this month out, enjoy our holiday and get fully immersed in TTC (including using the OPKs) upon our return. Unless of course we are lucky enough to make a holiday baby!

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about the decision but I think that in the long term a 4 week gap is not going to make a difference and I’m hoping the break and a fantastic carefree holiday with the boy will bring me a renewed energy and maybe help me to feel a little more emotionally ready for trying again. I think I would be completely crushed if I got pregnant and avoided doing lots of the things I’m hoping to do on holiday only to lose the baby anyway shortly after our return or even worse to have a miscarriage while we are on holiday.

5 thoughts on “Sitting out this cycle

  1. It sounds like a good, healthy idea to me. I think it is important to enjoy life and have a life outside of TTC. If it becomes all consuming….just overwhelming! Hope you have a fabulous vacation!

  2. It’s always a tough decision but I applaud your strength to make it. You will have a great holiday, you deserve it. I’ll be sitting on the sidelines with you xx

  3. I think you are absolutely making the right decision. I miscarried on my honeymoon abroad, and it was awful. Top it off with no champagne and no massages, and I was one irritated newlywed. Plus, not sure where you’re going, but trying to manage doctors and medicine in a foreign country if something were to happen (in my case travelling to four different farmacia’s trying to get someone who spoke English) is a nightmare.

    Have fun and enjoy your trip!

  4. Yep, it does sound crazy on the surface, but sometimes crazy is what we need! I hope the mini break from TTC allows you to find some peace of mind and focus on fun. 🙂

  5. That sounds like an AMAZING trip! I know it’s hard to force a break, but you definitely deserve to fully enjoy yourself without the worry of whether you’re pregnant or if something will go wrong. Have a wonderful time!

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