My Top 5 – A positive post for a change

Kate from the A Hundred Affections blog recently tagged me in a post inviting me to share my Top 5 and I’m so pleased that she did as it has made me think about the good things in my life and my hopes and aspirations for the future rather than feeling all consumed by my quest for a baby. So here, in a change from the usual schedule, is my Top 5. I would encourage all of you reading to have a go yourself, it’s great to focus on the positives once in a while.

5 Things I Have a Passion For

  1. My wonderful husband, my friends and my family. I wouldn’t be the person I am without them and couldn’t imagine my life if they weren’t part of it.
  2. Being outside. I can’t spend even one day without going outside. Walking in the country, running, cycling, just sniffing the air and feeling the breeze on my face. The whole world is better outside and it makes me feel like a tiny part of something much bigger and more important.
  3. My dogs (puppies at heart). For giving me an excuse to get outside every day and for always having a waggy tail even when things are rubbish.
  4. Good food and wine. I spend far too much of my day thinking about what I am going to eat next. My favourite time is cooking with my husband and sitting down together to eat a lovely meal and share a bottle of wine.
  5. Writing. I hated English at school and never thought that my job and my hobby would involve writing but I now write contracts for a living and a blog for my sanity and I enjoy both of them.

Five Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die

  1. Be a mum.
  2. See my husband happy and successful in a job that he enjoys. I feel blessed to enjoy my job (and be pretty good at it) and I hope that one day he is able to say the same thing as he is finding his current job very unfulfilling and yet cannot think of (or find) an alternative.
  3. Own a puppy. I love my dogs but I got them as rescues at 2 and 5 years old and I would love to have a puppy in the house one day.
  4. Host a black tie champagne and canapés party.
  5. Stop obsessing over my cellulite thighs and other body hang-ups and feel truly happy with my body.

Five Things I Say A Lot

  1. What’s the plan? (for more on this topic see my earlier post)
  2. Ridiculous nicknames for my husband and dogs. Hubster, Hunnus bunnus, Pupplekins, Waggers, Wiggle. I’m sure they hate it but they seem to humour me!
  3. Grrr. – Yes I definitely rant too much.
  4. Marvellous – It’s just a good word.
  5. I don’t mind/Which ever you would prefer. – This annoys my husband but it is true. When faced with a choice between two things, provided both of them are good, I really won’t mind. I’m not bad at making decisions I just generally don’t have a preference for one thing or another. Pasta or fish for dinner? Don’t mind. Red or white wine? Don’t mind. Action film or comedy? Don’t mind. In each circumstance I honestly would be perfectly happy with either!

Five Things I Read Recently and Recommend (I read a lot but often I just pick up whatever is on 2 for 1 in the bookshop or whatever my husband, mum, sister etc. has finished reading and I never remember titles or authors so I thought I would pick the books which have obviously made an impression on me enough that years later I actually remember them)

  1. Dogger – This is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes. My mum read it to me lots as a child and I always buy it for friend’s children. I hope to one day read it to my own children.
  2. Perkins – I cannot even find a reference to this book on Google but I remember reading it (and loving it) as a teenager. It is about a blind child who owns a cat called Perkins (named after the Perkins braille machine).
  3. What I loved by Siri Hustvedt – First recommended by a friend and subsequently recommended by me to many other friends.
  4. We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver – Whilst the memory of other fantastic books has come and gone, this one has stayed with me since the moment I picked it up.
  5. Whatever it takes by Adele Parks – By no means a classic but it is in my mind as I only read it last weekend. It features to thirty-something friends Eloise and Sara. Eloise is a stay-at-home wife of a solicitor and mother of three. Sara is her infertile friend going through IVF and consumed by her desire to have a child. I found that I could connect with Sara and thought that her character was well written, if a little extreme. However, upon finishing the book and reading the author’s notes at the back I was horrified that she described Sara as a real baddie. It made me feel that although the author had understood the feelings someone like Sara might go though, she didn’t really appreciate the psychological effect infertility can have. Have a read and see what you think. Is Sara a really bad egg or a good person in a difficult situation?

Five of my Favourite Movies (a somewhat eclectic mix!)

  1. Pretty woman
  2. Primal fear
  3. Silence of the lambs
  4. Centre stage
  5. Muppet Christmas Carol – I watch this every Christmas and sing alone with all of the songs. My husband is obviously thrilled!

Five Places I Would Love to Travel

  1. Australia
  2. Croatia
  3. A tropical paradise island (don’t mind which one)
  4. Scottish lakes
  5. South Africa for a safari and vineyard tour

So now you know a bit more about me and my very random mix of likes and ambitions. What don’t you have a go and see what your Top 5s look like?





3 thoughts on “My Top 5 – A positive post for a change

  1. If you make it to South Africa – I’d be happy to help you go on a fabulous Safari and vineyard tour – although not necessarily in the same place. There is one vineyard tour you can do where you can also visit a cheetah rescue though!

    My husband and I are camping mad, and try to spend three weeks a year travelling through our national parks (so we can help you with a grassroots experience, rather than the luxury safari tour), although if you want that kind of safari I can make suggestions there too (I used to be a travel agent).

    I love your list and share quite a few of your top 5s.

  2. So glad you did this! Loved reading your answer! I really learned a lot more about you, and I love when fellow bloggers ‘come to life’! Hope it made you smile to do it! 🙂

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