Feeling positive

Ok sorry if I got you excited with the title. Despite AF being two days late I’m definitely not pregnant. Just to remind me that I can’t forget about TTC even on our self declared month off, usually clockwork Aunt Flo decided to hold off just long enough for me to give in and waste yet more money POAS. A resolutely negative result followed 6 hours(!) later by the arrival of AF. Bloody typical!

So why, you might be thinking, the positive title? Well the whole point of having a month off was so that we could truly relax and have a fantastic holiday (which is now less than 2 weeks away, eeek) and the delayed arrival of AF means that it’s looking like ovulation will now occur a few days after we arrive at our super luxurious holiday hotel, rather than coming when we are rushing to get packed for holiday and than on a long flight which is when she would have been scheduled to arrive.

Maybe this is a sign that we’re meant to chill out, have lots of relaxed holiday sex rather than the usual routine timed intercourse and who knows maybe we’ll make a holiday baby (fingers crossed!!) and even if we don’t, I’m sure we’ll make some fantastic holiday memories to show that 2013 hasn’t been all bad.

And that is something to feel positive about!

2 thoughts on “Feeling positive

  1. Oh my goodness, the same thing happened to me, I took a pregnancy test last night because it was 2 days late (I didn’t even think it was possible because we were taking a break) and today AF showed up! Of course đŸ™‚ I hate wasting tests, I should have known! I am so glad you’re feeling positive!

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