Bye sucky day!

Well I got through “would have been due date” yesterday. It was a sucky day but not what I expected. I thought I would spend the day dwelling on our miscarriages and what might have been but instead I ended up having such a hugely busy day at work (one of those days when you start to feel hungry and wonder if its nearly lunchtime to discover its already 3.45pm!). I didn’t end up leaving the office until 9pm, missing my evening running club and a social drink with my husband but my best friend had just got back from a week away with her boyfriend and they decided to pop round with a bottle of wine when i got back from work. This should have been a lovely end to a hard day. Unfortunately it transpired that she had an announcement to make (no don’t worry she isn’t pregnant!) but she is moving in the other end of the country from next July and it doesn’t sound like its going to be a short-term move. So after hoping that I would get through yesterday tear free, after they had left and my husband had gone to bed, I found myself sitting on the sofa having a little sob. But it wasn’t about the miscarriages or yesterday’s “should have been” date, so I’m taking that as a positive!

2 thoughts on “Bye sucky day!

  1. Sorry about your ‘due date’ – burt glad that your mind was off of it. I often find that really is the best remedy sometimes for me. Just stay busy. It feels a little like denial sometimes, but I just think that sometimes you just gotta do what you need to do! Sometimes it is nice to cry tears for something else for a change!

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