Temporary brain surgery?

It’s that time again. The two week wait and guess what I’m doing, yep that’s right, symptom spotting AGAIN! Why do I not learn? My ability to tell if I am pregnant is non-existent and yet each month I find myself seeing potential signs in everything I do. This morning for example I got grumpy with the husband for wanting a cuddle as I am in a ‘don’t touch me mood’. Obviously in my mind this is because I have painful boobs and I instinctively want to keep my baby safe by keeping people away. Alternatively it could be because I’m a grumpy b*tch due to the imminent arrival of AF!

If there was a way that I could switch off part of my brain during the TWW to save myself from this awful symptom spotting behaviour (it actually makes me cringe how completely neurotic and deluded I become), I would definitely do it. Maybe I could become a human squirrel and hibernate for two weeks each month. Just a thought.

4 thoughts on “Temporary brain surgery?

  1. I hear you here! 🙂 We aren’t quite trying again, but I’ve even been symptom spotting when there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I’m pregnant. My husband just laughs at me and tells me I’m nuts. 🙂 I’m hoping those are actual symptoms your spotting and this is your month! Best of luck!

    • Thank you. I wish I was more sunshiny but I’m really pleased you like my posts. I don’t know what I’d do without this blog. It feels like the biggest support I’ve got at the moment (apart from hubs obviously).

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