No Boston baby (and random cycles)

Well AF has saved me a few more days of symptom spotting. Despite the marathon baby making mission in Boston, this month is not our month. And I’m a bit (lot) gutted!

To add to the emotions that I’m feeling today, I’m confused about my cycle. This is the third full cycle since my last miscarriage and it is the shortest yet (only 25 days) which is made all the more strange by coming one month after the longest (29 days). I’m sure it’s just my frustration at another month passing which is making me question whether there is a problem but I’m wondering if I’ve got an incomplete D&C or some other issue which is preventing me from conceiving and screwing up my cycle.

In any other area of my life if something was bothering me this much I’d consult an expert but as This Child’s Mom (sorry I can’t seem to blog link on my phone) was saying in her blog earlier today, medical professionals seem to treat everyone the same regardless of their history. I feel like I deserve some sympathy and understanding and to be offered a scan to prove that all is ok down there and to confirm that I’m just being neurotic (which I probably am). But I can’t face seeing my GP as I know she’ll pretend to be understanding but will just fob me off with a line, pat me on the head and tell me to go away and not come back for at least six months. So instead I’m going to go home, probably cry on my husband, pour a large glass of wine (well I can without worrying now as its not as if I’m pregnant) and tomorrow I’ll be back to Googling “How to improve your chances of conceiving” and over analysing every element of my life.

Oh well maybe it’s time that I got that box of OPKs out of the cupboard and finally order myself a Basel thermometer. If I’m going to become obsessed with trying to conceive I may as well go the whole hog, that way when I finally go to the GP I can be armed with pages and pages of charts and then she’ll really know who she’s dealing with!

3 thoughts on “No Boston baby (and random cycles)

  1. Sorry, that’s super frustrating. 😦 My miscarriages totally messed up my ovulation. Prior to my miscarriages, I was ovulating at CD 14, after the miscarriages not until 20-21. We would have had timing completely off if we didn’t use OPK. Thinking about you.. I hope you do find a doctor that will check everything out. You deserve that for sure.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that AF came. I know that really, really sucks. I’ve been using OPKs all along, but I started charting my BBT just a couple months ago so I could have something to show my doctors if I sensed something was wrong, or if it took 6+ months. If it’s a quick thing or two you can do to give yourself a sense of control and security when you need that (because everything else in this journey is so out of our control), then definitely consider doing it for your own sanity/peace of mind. OPKs can get a tad pricey month to month but on Amazon they’re not too much and you can buy them in bulk. And with BBT charting all you need to do is get a basal thermometer once — and I got mine for under $10 at Walmart. I tried preseed and daily baby aspirin for a month but then I got a bad infection — not sure there was a direct connection but just something to be wary of. I also tried green tea for a couple weeks, and it actually helped, but then I read that it can hinder the absorption of folic acid, so I quit it. I backed away from those random things that people say help them, and just stuck with the OPK kits and charting my BBT, and I feel good about that. Best of luck to you, and again I’m sorry you had to start another cycle. 😦 Thinking of you.

  3. Oh hun, so sorry about the appearance of AF. Just another reminder of this struggle we have every month. Do what feels right. If BBT charting helps, do it. I certainly find it gives me insight into what my body’s doing. A little bit more control in a powerless process. Hope it helps xx

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