Pumpkins and positive OPKs

After taking advice from some other bloggers, I decided to start using OPKs this cycle and today (CD 12) I got a positive result. This was good timing as the boy and I finally both had a weekend off work together. I have to admit that although I had read about how use the tests, I wasn’t actually sure what a positive result meant. I’m still not entirely sure I understand how it works but I’m hoping that if the boy and I have sex a few times over the next few days, we’ll have our timing right – Please let me know if its possible to be any more specific regarding timing when using OPKs.

We also carved our pumpkins today in anticipation of Halloween this Thursday and so I thought I would submit mine into BarrenBetty and Fertility Doll’s completion (see my pervious post for more details) although I’m not entirely sure that I’m eligible to enter being from the ‘other side of the pond’ but I’m hoping that my lack of pumpkin carving talent will make up for my geographical location! Happy Halloween everyone.


5 thoughts on “Pumpkins and positive OPKs

  1. This is what my RE told me about OPK – If you use the one with the smiley face, have sex on the day with the smiley, and the two days after that. Be sure you are having sex every 2-3 days before that, to keep the boys moving. If you are using the other one – like the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, he said to highest peak day is equivalent to the smiley face. So, what ever day shows that you surge, have sex on that day and the two days after. This is what we did, and I got pregnant. Good luck!

    • Thanks guys for the feedback. We’ve done the deed today and for the last two days. Will test again today and tomorrow and probably have a couple more tries for luck before calling it a day for this cycle. Fingers crossed we get lucky!

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