So, I tested early again….

…. and it was positive!
After last month’s negative I promised myself that I wouldn’t test early again. Then yesterday I was feeling a bit sick at work and was then driving myself mad with wondering so when I found that I had a First Response test left rather than just some cheap tests I thought I’d give it a go to stop my mind running away with itself. It’s only a faint positive line but I did test five days early so I’m not concerned yet. Hopefully it will get darker over the next week.

So I’m now nervous, excited, apprehensive, giddy, scared and happy. I didn’t see the line and immediately think “I’m having a baby”. I’ve done this enough times to know that a positive test does not always result in a baby but you can’t have a baby without one so it’s a great first step!

11 thoughts on “So, I tested early again….

  1. I had to track backwards to see this! I’ve been spotty on wordpress, but I am glad to read your news! I read your post about 2 ways out, and I can totally relate. After my last loss, I am feeling the same way about trying and feeling hesitant. But I am so glad you got the positive! Sending prayers your way!

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