Midwife appointment 1

It seems that I needn’t have been nervous about my midwife appointment as she was lovely. The appointment was a bit of a bust. Apparently I’d been booked in for the wrong appointment. I only had a routine appointment (10 minutes) rather than a first booking appointment (25 minutes). I guess that the person taking the booking looked at my notes and saw that I’d had midwife appointments before (with previous pregnancies) so assumed that it was just a follow up. This meant that I didn’t have any bloods taken or a urine check. I simply filled in a form and confirmed that I knew what I can and can’t eat. I mentioned that I was hoping for an early scan and she said that she would try to arrange one but as I don’t want one for another three weeks I’ll have to wait a bit for it to be confirmed. So I’m going back to see the midwife again in two weeks (if I get that far) and I should hopefully be able to get a scan booked at that appointment. For now it’s just more waiting and hoping.

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