Waiting….UPDATE 1 and 2

I had this idea of live blogging my medical management of miscarriage. I know that sounds a bit grim but I have been googling for the last few days trying to find details of some experiences and have found very little so I thought I would add my experience in a bid to help others in a similar situation in the future.

I had an appointment with a new consultant this morning at a different hospital to my usual one and he was happy to get started straight away as he understood my desire to get it all done by Christmas (and ideally by the Christmas party on Friday). So after explaining the process, carrying out another scan and giving me a pot in which to store the ‘products’ he inserted misoprostol, patted me on the head (not literally) and sent me home with a prescription for some painkillers.

Well that was almost 6 hours ago and so far NOTHING has happened. No pain, no cramps, no bleeding, nothing. So I am waiting. I have called the hospital who have said not to worry as it isn’t unusual for it to take a while for things to get going so I’m currently hanging out on the sofa watching bad daytime TV and contemplating starting the ironing.

This isn’t exactly the interesting real life experience live feed I was expecting. I will post more if something happens.

UPDATE 1 – Wow I am completely overwhelmed and thankful for all of the support particularly as I’ve been an awful blogger over the last few days and haven’t commented at all. I’ve been reading I promise.

So it’s now been about 11 hours since I was given the pills and we have some bleeding. It’s not super heavy but not light either. It seemed that walking about helped as it started when I was walking the dogs. I’ve taken the painkillers and so far they’re working as I was even able to have a little nap on the sofa during a film (I was a bit disappointed I slept as I think it was quite a good film). I’m off to bed now and will hopefully get some sleep and wake to find everything has passed. Wishful thinking? Probably but we’ll see. Maybe if I read some pregnancy blogs I can create a labour dream and fool my body into doing what it should!

UPDATE 2 (caution TMI warning) – After a fairly good night’s sleep with quite a bit of bleeding (thankfully I had a pretty big sanitary pad) I woke up feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t passed any product. However, less than 15 minutes after being up I went to the toilet for a wee and when I stood up I felt ‘something’. I stood with some toilet paper between my legs, gave a little squeeze and wiped to discover some clotty blood. I repeated that process a few more times and then got a large clot of ‘product’. It was about the length of my palm, almost black in colour and quite shiny/slippery looking (a bit like giant snot). I was able to put it all into the collection pot pretty easily and it’s now in the fridge waiting to be delivered to the hospital later today. I’m a little surprised it was so ‘easy’ so I’m waiting to see if anything else comes today. If there has been nothing by mid afternoon I’m going to take the pot to the hospital for testing. I expect some heavy bleeding over the next few days so I’m probably going to take tomorrow off work too but I hope to be back in time for the Christmas party at the end of the week. I’m just hoping that when I have the follow-up scan next week it shows that everything has passed *crosses fingers*

7 thoughts on “Waiting….UPDATE 1 and 2

  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. 😦 I hope it’s over quickly.

    I took misoprostol orally, and it took quite a while to work. I journaled all the details of my experience, too, but unfortunately it was on The Bump, and I have since deleted my account. If I remember correctly, I took the first dose around 9 am, and the second at 3 pm. Around 6 pm, the bleeding started, and then it all went VERY fast from there. I was 12 weeks, but the sac only measured about 7 weeks. I passed almost everything within 2 hours.

  2. Saying prayers for you. I think I told you about my experience w misoprostol. First time, nothing. Next time, it took about 5-6 hours for it to start, then I bled profusely for about 6 hours. It still didn’t work for me. I looked all over the Internet for stories, too. They gave me M to take orally, though. I hope the process works for you, Hon. It is so hard when it’s over but it’s not really over. Sending you hugs and prayers. Xo

  3. I’ve had misprostol as well. I had to insert it myself, I can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 pills. I didn’t get any pain killers with mine- I read a lot of people did and I was terrified. I started bleeding in an hour. I passed the main tissue in about 3 hours. It wasn’t that bad pain-wise. Definitely manageable. I did it before bed.

    I bled for about 2 weeks after that. The worst cramps came a few days after I took the pills. I took them on a Friday and I remember sitting at my desk Monday when a knife passed through my uterus. It wasn’t constant. Almost like a few spontaneous contractions. Just keep some pain reliever on hand.

    Sorry you have to go through this. If you want to ask anything about my ordeal, I’ll answer whatever you got.

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