Step into Christmas

I’m going back to work today. If Christmas wasn’t approaching so quickly I don’t think I would be going back yet but I’m conscious that there are lots of things I need to get done before the Christmas break and, if I don’t start getting back to normal, Christmas Day will be here and I’ll still be on the sofa in my PJs in a bit of a post miscarriage fog.

Surrounding myself with festive people in the office is either going to get me feeling some Christmas spirit or make me feel even more distant from the holiday masses but I love Christmas and I’m going to jump in with both feet and hope that I get carried along for the ride. I’ve had a rubbish year but I’m hoping we will be able to get some enjoyment out of Christmas before we wish this year good riddance and start focusing on 2014.

4 thoughts on “Step into Christmas

  1. Yes, 2013 needs to get the hell over. Here’s hoping we can all get some festivity and fun (and booze) in the holiday season and quickly get over to 2014!

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