Sometimes wishful thinking doesn’t help

I had a medical management of miscarriage last week. Got the pills on Monday, passed the pregnancy sac on Tuesday and the bleeding had basically stopped by Wednesday. Quick and relatively painless. Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of this miscarriage story.

I had my follow-up scan today (cue a four hour round trip to the hospital in Christmas traffic) and there are still retained products of conception present (and not just a tiny bit). This wasn’t a huge surprise as I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish over the last few days and haven’t had the let-up in pregnancy symptoms I was expecting. However, I’m still hugely disappointed and frustrated that this still isn’t over!

Having reviewed the scans the doctor said that another medical management isn’t really an option and I should have another ERPC (which I had been trying to avoid due to a risk of scarring). In addiction to this frustrating news, the doctor today raised the possibility of this being a molar pregnancy which would explain why I’ve passed the sac but seemingly retained the placenta. Obviously this is worst case scenario and so I’m trying not to think about the implications until we know more as there is a strong possibility that it’s just a normal delayed miscarriage and failed medical management but the mention of molar pregnancy has just reminded me that even if I do try to prepare myself for a ‘negative outcome’ there are still things which can come from left field to remind me that there isn’t much point attempting mental preparation.

Thankfully the hospital have said that provided I don’t start showing signs of infection I can wait until after Christmas for the op so for now we’re just trying to focus on enjoying the festivities (in between the pregnancy tiredness and nausea)!

17 thoughts on “Sometimes wishful thinking doesn’t help

  1. What a frustrating thing to find out! I don’t remember if you’ve mentioned having any molar pregnancies in the past, but my first pregnancy (which ended up being my first miscarriage) was a partial molar pregnancy. I was totally prepared for worst case scenario once they told me (after the testing after the D&C), but although I had monitoring for awhile, none of the “bad stuff” happened. I went on to have a very healthy baby right on the heels of that loss – have hope!

    • Thank you. At the moment I think the risk of it being a molar pregnancy is really small so I’m feeling like the D&C is going to be the start of the healing process but if it isn’t and I need further monitoring I’m really pleased to hear that you went on to have a successful pregnancy after.

  2. Oh hun this is the last thing you need. Just when you hope to start moving on. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, it truly breaks my heart. I hope you find some peace over the holidays to just be and I hope that things get resolved quickly so you can start 2014 fresh. Huge hugs xxx

  3. Oh no, your kidding?? That sucks so much :(. You try to do the right thing and avoid having more surgery and instead you end up dragging the whole thing out even longer. I’m sorry :(.

    Btw, they thought my first pregnancy might have been a molar pregnancy too, but hcg levels dropped normally and nothing bad ever happened. I think its super rare, so don’t worry too much yet. Although I know what you mean that it feels like the bad news just keeps coming.

    • Thank you. I think it’s exceedingly unlikely to be a molar pregnancy so at the moment I’m just focusing on getting the D&C done and getting past this loss as it feels like it is dragging on now when mentally I’m ready to move on.

  4. 😦 I am so frustrated for you. I hate that you are going through this. This post actually broke my heart and made me cry. I want nothing more for you to be able to start the healing process and I know that is impossible to do with the news you’ve received. No one should have to go through this. No one. I know the toll this takes on you and I know nothing I can say will stop the pain, but I’m thinking about you.**Hugs**

  5. I’m so sorry, girl. Totally stinks. Misoprostol didn’t do the trick for me either. Bled a lot, but didn’t pass the sac and needed a D&C anyway. I”m so sorry…I know it totally delays the healing process. Things got better for me emotionally once the physical part was resolved. I’m hoping and praying you are done with this SOON! Many hugs and prayers, friend. Hang in there. Thinking of you. xo

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