I thought 1 in 100 was unusual

Yesterday I had another scan at my local hospital to assess the need for a D&C. I had been referred to another hospital for the medical management but after that was unsuccessful I was referred back for the D&C.

The EGA Unit was really busy due to it being closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I felt so sorry for the people who had obviously had their Christmas breaks ruined by threatened miscarriage that I didn’t mind waiting (although after 2 hours I was starting to get a little frustrated).

Anyway, I was eventually seen by the sonographer and she was prodding around with the internal camera and kept asking me if things hurt. It was obvious from her questioning that the correct answer was yes but I wasn’t going to lie so I told her it didn’t which resulted in her prodding even harder whilst pressing on my belly. After what seemed like an age, she showed me what she was looking at; a large(ish) ball shaped mass close(ish) to my left ovary. The sonographer said that it could be the corpus luteum but because there appeared to be a space around it, she was concerned that it might be an eptopic pregnancy.

In addition to this, she also had a better look at the remaining products of conception which hadn’t passed with the sac during the medical management. She agreed with the previous sonographer that it was definitely presenting like a molar pregnancy but was quick to point out that many presentations turn out not to be molar and the only way to be sure is to do a blood test to check my beta levels and to test the products after the D&C.

After the scan I met with a doctor, and then another, and was then referred to a consultant for a second opinion. They all seemed rather interested and asked far more questions than have been asked with my two previous miscarriages. They then went away to huddle. By this point I had been at the hospital for almost 4 hours and my husband (who I’d left at home) was beginning to wonder where I was. Upon retuning from the doctors’ huddle, I was told by the registrar that they had decided to admit me to the hospital that evening for surgery in the morning!! This was a surprise as I haven’t stayed in hospital since I was of pre-school age.

So I am writing this from my hospital bed awaiting surgery. This all feels rather surreal and a little unnecessary. I feel fine. No pain, no bleeding, just the ongoing nausea from the morning sickness and regular headaches (which I always seem to get when pregnant). But I trust that they’re doing this for a reason and I’m glad that I should soon have some answers and an end to this pregnancy.

I’m not entirely sure what surgery is being carried out today. They have said they will do a D&C and a hysteroscopy and depending on what they can see they might also do a keyhole surgery to have a look at the potential eptopic.

The sonographer yesterday told me that I was a bit of a mystery. Based on the presentations there is a possibility that this last pregnancy was a twin pregnancy from two separate eggs; one of which failed to develop and instead turned ‘bad’ becoming a molar pregnancy; and the other decided to nest in my Fallopian tube as an eptopic. However, given that the chance of a molar pregnancy is only about 1 in 700. And a twin eptopic (heteroeptopic) is about 1 in 40,000, the chances of having both is so unlikely that there will almost certainly be another explanation, hence today’s surgery.

I’ll update once I know more.

8 thoughts on “I thought 1 in 100 was unusual

  1. Hun this is madness, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. So glad they are keen to get to the bottom of this. Sending so many hugs, will be thinking of you so much. Good luck xxx

    • Thank you. Finally home. Roll on 2014, New Year, New Start. Thinking of you at the moment in the lead up to your next appointment on Tuesday x

  2. Craziness! So sorry this got dragged out even further!! Hugs, girl. Pray it is over soon, you get answers, and things brighten up for you. Hugs again.

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