Skinny jeans and laparoscopic surgery

I’m still in hospital. I’ve predominately been here since Friday lunchtime and it’s now Sunday eve. I’ve been looked after really well but I’m ready to go home now. Tomorrow is my birthday and I don’t want to start the day on a hospital ward!

I’ve had both an ERPC and laparoscopic surgery today. My beta results came back yesterday and were really high so that was pointing to either a molar pregnancy or a twin pregnancy so they wanted to investigate inside. The good news is I don’t have an eptopic pregnancy (phew). In fact the surgeon said that other than a small patch of endometriosis, which he was able to remove, I have a healthy looking pelvic area. I’m surprised at the endo as I’ve never had any symptoms at all but he said that it was only a small patch.

They’ve taken more bloods today and I need to come back again for two more tests over the next 10 days. I then have an appointment with the consultant on 8th January. They have also sent off the products from today so I am waiting for those results too.

I’m really surprised at how quickly this miscarriage has gone from being the same as the others to being a list of potentially scary things needing painful surgery. They even filmed my surgery today so that they can use it for training purposes. I’ve never felt so interesting!

So now I’m waiting for my husband to come and get me. My whole core aches which is apparently due to the internal gas caused by the laparoscopic surgery. If only it was like usual gas which could be fixed with a simple burp or fart (not that I would do that, obviously!). The boy is also bringing me some leggings as I came into hospital wearing skinny, low-rise jeans but looking at the two holes on my tummy I don’t think I’m going to want to put them back on!

The boy had a full day of birthday fun planned for tomorrow but I think we’re going to have to postpone. I feel pretty bad as he’s been so excited about what he had organised (I don’t know what it is as it’s a surprise) but I’d rather wait and do it another day so that I can completely enjoy the day. It will also be good to have something to look forward to in January!

16 thoughts on “Skinny jeans and laparoscopic surgery

  1. Hugs hun, I’m glad they’re getting to the bottom of things and glad you are well looked after. I’m sorry that after all you’ve been through it’s your birthday tomorrow but I hope you’re able to put this behind you and rest and spend some time with DH. Sending birthday love xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! So sorry that you’ve had to go through all of this and are not feeling up to the birthday surprises your hubby had planned. The good news is that you have something to look forward to, as you said. Prayers for a quick recovery and answers that don’t require more surgery.

  3. Wow, I’ve been offline for a bit, so I was deeply saddened to hear of all of this trouble you’ve been having! I must say, from your blog posts at least, you seem to be handling this potentially scary and unsettling situation very well – but, of course, I’m sure you’d rather be not handling it at all. Happy Birthday, and again, I’m so sorry for everything you’ve had to go through the past week or so.

    • Thank you. I feel like I’m not handling it all too badly. There isn’t really much option but to keep putting one foot in front of another. This wasn’t how I expected things to go at all and the weekend in hospital was a bit of a wake up call which made be realise that this whole recurrent miscarriage thing isn’t as simple as ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’. But I’m hopefully on the mend now and looking forward to a new year!

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