More waiting! Sorry, rant coming

Annoyingly my hospital appointment was a complete farce. The consultant was ill so I saw a doctor whose grasp of English seemed as flaky as his knowledge of my case. Short answer is that the lab couldn’t tell if my pregnancy was molar or not as the material appears really abnormal so it’s been sent to Charing Cross Hospital for more testing. They don’t know when they’ll have the results. Surely they could have phoned in advance to tell me not to bother coming as it was a complete waste of time! The doctor showed me the report from the lab which began with the words “Odd case” – a confidence inspiring sentence.

One good think is that my sickness is definitely going. The doctor said that if my hormone levels keep dropping at the current rate it should be gone in the next two weeks.

So what’s next? The doctor was going to book another appointment with the consultant for two weeks time but I said I didn’t want an appointment if they don’t have the results by then so apparently they will phone or send me an appointment letter once the results have arrived back from Charing Cross Hospital. He didn’t give me any idea as to the timescale for that.

In other news, it transpires that my first miscarriage looked strange in the lab too and that one was sent to Queen Mary’s in London for further testing (we had no idea about that) but that came back as non-molar so hopefully this one will too. I just wish they could let me know why I’ve now had too pregnancies which have ended up with material which looks so abnormal it’s had to be sent to a London hospital for further analysis. I just hate the constant waiting and testing and hospital appointments when all I want is a baby. It shouldn’t be this hard!

I think I’m just going to try and forget about today’s appointment as I’ll just get more angry. The lowest point was probably when I said that I was experiencing some discomfort and wondered if it was just from the stitches healing and the doctor told me in a slightly patronising voice that there were no stitches with an ERPC. To which I told him in a probably equally patronising voice that I’d had a laparoscopy, which promptly sent him rummaging through my file in a completely bumbling way for about the hundredth time! Grrr I’m so frustrated with this whole f-ing process!!!!

7 thoughts on “More waiting! Sorry, rant coming

  1. Honestly, I cannot believe you are still dealing with all of this.. I know how badly you just want to move on and that’s impossible to do when you are waiting and waiting and waiting. I’m praying you find strength during this time though- lean on that wonderful hubby of yours.

    • Thank you. I’m usually pretty philosophical about things and believe that things can’t be helped and everyone’s doing their best etc. But the doctor this morning was just so totally rubbish that I’ve spent the day feeling raged. Hubs and I are going for a run this evening in a bid to get out the frustration. There may also be wine involved too!

  2. so sorry you are going through all this! As if what you have experienced isn’t enough! Ugh! Hope the run was cathartic for you! And the wine! lol

  3. OMG I can’t believe you’re dealing with all this hun, I’m so sorry. It’s the last thing you need. So frustrating and upsetting. I’m so glad you set him straight, he deserved it. Sending you so much love, hang in there xxx

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