Poor quality sample

After 6 weeks of waiting, the results of the testing of the products which I passed after the medical management (i.e. the pregnancy sac) are in and we have: A Poor Quality Sample. Basically there were normal female cells present but based on the quality of the sample they are likely to be mine. So that adds nothing to answer the question why we keep miscarrying.

I’m still waiting for the results from Charing Cross Hospital as to whether it was a molar pregnancy. I’ve now got an appointment with the consultant to discuss my case but it isn’t until 19th February. Thankfully we’re off on holiday from the end of next week so the time should pass quickly.

9 thoughts on “Poor quality sample

  1. Oh hun I’m so sorry it’s inconclusive. So frustrating. More waiting. So unfair. I’m glad you’re getting a chance to get away just you and DH, will be thinking of you xxx

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