Tears and magically appearing appointments

I received the testing pack and other info from the Trophoblast Disease Service at Charing Cross Hospital this week. There was a booklet telling me about molar pregnancy that was so out of date it had pages crossed out and new paper printouts stapled in to replace them and a leaflet letting me know that there is an app which I can download to schedule my testing appointments (so basically a just calendar then). There was also a box containing test tubes for urine and blood serum to be returned for testing and an instruction booklet explaining how the process works.

It all seemed very simple except the people who work at Charing Cross Hospital obviously have no idea what it’s like to live outside of London. The testing pack instruction letter says to “have serum sample collected in the NEXT FEW DAYS” (emphasis added). So I phoned my GP clinic to book an appointment for a blood test and despite explaining the situation I’m told the earliest I can be seen is 20th March!!! I’m supposed to have this testing done every two weeks from the discovery of the molar pregnancy but its already been 8 weeks since my D&C and I can’t even get a first appointment for the first blood test until the end of the month.

When i tried to explain the situation to the (frankly quite aggressive) receptionist I was then told that I should go to Charing Cross Hospital for the tests despite needing them every two weeks and living hours from London. I asked if i could have them done at my local hospital? “No”. Or if one of the doctors could do the blood test for me? “You can book an appointment with a doctor and ask them”. Or if she would be able to ask them for me to save me wasting one of their obviously rare free appointments? “No”. Or could I just have a telephone appointment to ask one of the doctors? “Your doctor doesn’t work today. You can call back on Monday and book a telephone appointment but I can’t book you a telephone appointment for Monday on Friday”.

I honestly didn’t know what to do. I’m told I need to have these tests done. I’m told I shouldn’t ignore the testing requirements as its important to check that the molar pregnancy isn’t becoming cancerous. I’m told I can’t try again for a baby until the testing is done. I’m told the testing should have started weeks ago. And then I get an aggressive, unhelpful and unsympathetic receptionist. So I’m on my mobile phone, standing outside my office with colleagues walking in and out past me, in the rain and late for work as the GP clinic wasn’t open until 9am. I feel my eyes start to tingle and i try to stop it but i can’t, i start quietly sobbing at the sheer frustration of it all. And then the miracle happens…. witchy receptionist’s diary has suddenly changed and I could magically get an appointment that day or next week. I have never felt more annoyed. Why do i need to be reduced to tears before she would help me? Does she take pleasure from hearing a grown woman sob? I know I’ve said it before but I just don’t understand why this has to be so hard!


10 thoughts on “Tears and magically appearing appointments

  1. Good grief, that just makes me want to kill someone! I’m so sorry you’ve been jerked around like this (through the entire process). I look forward to the day when this is behind you. *hugs* XOXO

    • Thanks for the *hug*. I had hoped it would be easier than this but I’m not feeling too broken by the experience thankfully x

  2. You might want to drop by Hellp Syndrome Angels on Facebook. It was a page set up by Kelly Lewis who had a molar pregnancy a couple of years ago. She recently given birth to a healthy boy but you might find much needed support from her…

  3. Wow. Just wow. I’m so sorry that you are having to go through any of this. It makes me sad thinking of you crying on the phone. I am so happy that you at least got the appointment and I pray your testing goes by quickly so that you can start trying for baby again soon. Hang in there. HUGS

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