Finally some good news!

The results of my molar pregnancy testing have come back from Charing Cross and my hormone levels are entirely back to normal. Because of this and the fact that I am at low risk of recurrence the women I spoke to said that they should be happy to sign me off next month which means that based on my current dates we might be cleared to TTC in April. AND if that wasn’t good news enough, my fertile window looks set to fall at the time when the boy and I have a romantic weekend break planned!!!

Part of me feels like we should wait until we have the results back from the recurrent miscarriage tests but despite being referred in December I haven’t had my first appointment yet so it is likely to be ages before the results come back. And we’ve got a 50% chance of our miscarriages being unexplained. And I’ve been told that the molar pregnancy was a complete freak occurrence so really we’ve only had two ‘normal’ miscarriages so far. And I can always take baby aspirin if we get pregnant again so if it was a clotting issue we’ll be protected against that. As you can probably tell I’ve talked myself into this already so fingers crossed I’ll be back on the preverbal horse (sorry husband) next month. I can’t believe I’m feeling excited about scheduled baby making sex!

6 thoughts on “Finally some good news!

  1. HOORAY for good news!!! =-) When we found out our first pregnancy had been a PMP, I only had to get testing done for a few weeks before levels dropped enough. Then they wanted me to wait six months to try again, but well, it didn’t quite work out that way. And the baby was completely fine, so it really was okay! It just meant that I had extra monitoring for awhile… and that’s not bad, because I think getting to see your baby more often is a definite bonus. =-) So excited for you with this news, and can’t wait to hear more good news soon!

  2. Oh! One more thing – I was on baby aspirin for each pregnancy after the PMP (my first), and got the ones that were chewable and fruit flavored. Made it much more fun to take them. =-) I figured that if I had to take them, just to be careful, I may as well make it fun! Ha ha!

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