Actually excited to be TTC – CD3

I don’t know why I hadn’t realised it already (after all, AFs arrival is a pretty obvious sign of a new cycle) but its only just sunk in that we are back to TTC. It feels like ages since we did this last (it was October). But today we are officially CD3.

I feel really lucky that we are able to start trying again so quickly. I was expecting to be banned from trying for months due to the molar pregnancy but thankfully it was only a partial mole and the hospital have said that if my next test is clear they’ll sign me off to try again. We’re actually jumping the gun a bit as my next test isn’t until Thursday but I’m convinced it will be clear and I don’t want to miss another month so I’m going to pretend that we’ve already got this month’s all clear. After all what are the chances we’ll actually conceive this month?

So I’ve stocked up on another supply of conception support vitamins and after the boy’s birthday party this weekend I’ll be cutting right back on the wine again. Fingers crossed we are able to conceive again quickly and that this one will stick (or more importantly keep growing as after needing three D&Cs, i don’t think sticking is our problem).

In other good news I’ve also finally got a referral to the recurrent miscarriage clinic and the consultant is not the rubbish one I was seeing about the molar pregnancy but a new one who is the recurrent miscarriage specialist for our whole area. I really hope I get to meet her and not a junior doctor working her service. Will find out at the end of next month but in the meantime I’ll be following Barren Betty’s lead and writing a huge list of questions in preparation for the appointment.

6 thoughts on “Actually excited to be TTC – CD3

  1. We haven’t tried since October either and it really does feel like such a long time ago. I, too think you’re going to get good news and are going to be able to TTC again. I’m also thrilled you have a meeting with a recurrent loss specialist. Thinking of you!!

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