Just a f*cked up cycle

So after my earlier excitement, it appears that my period has arrived on CD25 which is three days earlier than my last cycle and five days earlier than the one before that which essentially means that rather than being pregnant, my cycle is still completely screwed following my last miscarriage in December. I’m so hugely pissed off. I had such high hopes for this cycle and I could have coped with a BFN but not with a screwed up, don’t even know if I actually ovulated, cycle.

8 thoughts on “Just a f*cked up cycle

    • We’re good thanks just not much to report. Currently CD 12 and using OPKs. Have not ovulated yet but hopefully it will be over the next few(ish) days. Work is really busy at the moment and I’m doing my first triathlon on Monday so I’ve got plenty to distract me this month. I hope your next cycle goes well x

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