Signs of a chemical pregnancy

Yesterday I started experiencing my telltale pregnancy symptoms of nausea and excess saliva so this morning I took a first response pregnancy test and it was super faint (you can hardly see it). I haven’t even told the boy yet as he’s a bit sad having lost his grandmother yesterday and I really want to have a more definite result before I get his hopes up. My question is at 11DPO is a super faint test normal or is it likely to be the sign of a chemical pregnancy and AF will most likely arrive soon? I really want to be fourth time lucky but it just feels so out of reach.

19 thoughts on “Signs of a chemical pregnancy

    • Thank you. I’ll test over the next few days and see if it gets darker and will try to be cautiously optimistic rather than my usual fretting self.

      • I have no experience with positive pregnancy tests, so I’ll just tell you what I’ve heard, which is to only test every other day. Apparently they don’t darken enough (typically) from day to day and it can cause unnecessary worry (and I think you have enough worry on your plate).

      • Thanks, I definitely don’t want to worry more. I wish a BFP made me feel positive but I just worry it’ll end badly like the others and now I’ve got the added issue of needing to repeat the molar pregnancy testing after any pregnancy. Hopefully that won’t be necessary until 9 months from now as this pregnancy will continue until then.

  1. Gah it’s so hard to tell! I had my first positive around 12 dpo and it was super faint as well, but my lines never really got darker even though my HCG was rising. Maybe hold off on telling your husband until you can take another one tomorrow and compare so you’ll have a better idea of what your body is doing? I really really hope this is it! Fingers crossed for you ❤

    • Thank you. I’ll test over the next few days and see if it gets darker and will try to be cautiously optimistic rather than my usual fretting.

    • Thank you. My test looks just like Stef’s and randomly we both got married on the same day. Unfortunately being in the UK I can’t really get betas (as far as I’m aware). If AF stays away and I don’t start spotting the first I’ll know if this pregnancy is even vaguely viable is at an early scan. Although I will enquire to see if I can get beta tests as it would be good to know x

      • I hope you can get your betas tested and I hope this is a “sticky” one for you! Have you had the repeat pregnancy loss blood tests? Are you taking baby aspirin? Just checking! XOXO

      • Thanks it’s nice to be checked on. Yep I’ve got baby aspirin. Blood tests have been done but I’ve sort of jumped the gun a bit as I don’t have the results yet but should get them in a few weeks. Fingers crossed everything comes back normal x

      • Cool, so baby aspirin is good. Also add methyl folate, just in case you have some sort of issue converting regular folate (so MANY women have this). Another blogger suggested the Thorne Basic Prenatal vitamin (found on and I’ve been taking it & I think it’s great–and it has methyl folate. Just a suggestion as I’m not a doctor, but in my opinion it’s better to be cautious! XOXO

  2. My 11dpo test was pretty faint. It was about half of the control line the next day with SMU. I never tested again after that with an FRER, so I couldn’t tell you what the lines would have looked like afterwards. Definitely don’t give up hope! A line is a line! PRaying it gets darker for you!!! Congrats!

  3. Mine was insanely faint, almost unreadable at 10dpo, and was still pretty faint on 11dpo (see my posts from Dec 3rd and 4th, there are pics). I’m now 27 weeks along. So it’s possible!

    • Thank you. I love hopeful tales like this. I’m so pleased things are going well for you. 27 weeks is great, well over half way and into viability. I’m hoping I’ll get a darker test line tomorrow to show things are going in the right direction.

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