Not written off yet

They’re getting darker! This picture shows tests from 12dpo, 14dpo and 16dpo and the line has definitely got gradually darker. I also haven’t had anything which I’d call bleeding for 24 hours. I’m certainly not hopeful but we’re not out of the game yet.


13 thoughts on “Not written off yet

  1. Sweetie you are up the duff, I’m sure of it. How you feeling? Could you see your GP about it? Hoping so hard for you. It’s never straightforward is it? xxx

    • It’s certainly not as simple for us as it seems to be for the majority of others. I’m going to make an appointment to see the consultant at 6 weeks (11 days time if we get that far). For now I’m going to try to be positive. I’ve wanted to be pregnant for ages so I’m going to at least try to enjoy it xx

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