Further than we’ve got before

We’ve just had our scan and baby bean is measuring 10w 4d and looking great. I don’t think I’m going to feel 100% relaxed until Im holding a happy and healthy baby but the Miscarriage Association’s statistics state that we now have a 99.4% chance of carrying to term and that is definitely the most positive statistic we’ve had so far so I’m going to try to embrace this experience and hopefully I’ll start feeling a bit more like a mummy to be and a bit less like a nervous fool waiting for the other shoe to drop!


Potential UTI. Why can’t it be easy?

On Monday I had my first midwife appointment to book my 12 week scan (which I still feel is getting ahead of ourselves as I have a 10 week scan to go first but I’m trying to think positively). The appointment was pretty uneventful. After all, this is my fifth pregnancy so I’m a bit of a whizz at the first trimester. It’s getting any further that I suck at.

Anyway, as expected, the midwife took blood and urine samples but told me not to worry about the results as she’d phone if there was a problem. So my heart sank when I saw a missed call from the doctor’s surgery at 8am this morning. The worst bit was when I called back their out of hours answer phone was on so I couldn’t speak to anyone. Eventually I did get through when the surgery finally opened and the receptionist told me the call was from the doctor and that there was a problem with my test results but she couldn’t tell me what and I would have to wait for the doctor to call me back… at lunchtime!

Needless to say this morning was hugely unproductive and work tine was mainly spent worrying, consulting Dr Google and worrying some more.

When I finally spoke to the doctor she said that my urine sample showed that I had a UTI and asked if I had any symptoms. I told her that I felt pretty rubbish, tired, nauseous, bloated etc and that I had a dull ache in my lower abdomen but I’d had all of those symptoms for weeks and had assumed ( and been told ) that they were normal pregnancy symptoms. The doctor concurred and asked if I had any burning sensations when I wee or a frequent need to urinate with little passing each time. I said I didn’t and she concluded that the test result may have been wrong. Apparently despite feeling like a pro, I don’t know how to pee in a cup correctly. I had no idea you were supposed to wee a bit first and then catch the urine mid-flow. So tomorrow morning I get to repeat the process and see if I can get a clear result. If not I’m going to need a course of antibiotics. The problem is, I’m allergic to the main pregnancy safe antibiotics so the doctor is going to see what I can take instead.

So far I’m resisting googling things like UTI and miscarriage risk as there is nothing I can do about it and I don’t want any more worry. I just need to get through the next week and hopefully we’ll be able to see bean kicking away at 10 weeks + next Thursday. I just wish things could be simple, just for once!

Starting to let the hope creep in

We had another scan today (8w2d) and I was relieved and thrilled to see that little bean is still looking good. Now measuring one day ahead and with a good heartbeat. I can’t quite believe it. The sonographer was lovely and has agreed we can have another scan in two weeks time as 12 weeks still feels like a lifetime away. I really really hope that this one is for keeps!

Positive affirmations for early pregnancy

I am hoping that you lovely bloggers may be able to help. I’m finding it really hard to feel positive about this pregnancy. I so want it to work out but with four losses I find it hard to imagine a successful outcome. I was hoping that you would be able to suggest some positive affirmations that I could use to calm my mind when the negative thoughts start creeping in. I’ve tried searching the Internet but so many of them are about birth or late pregnancy and that just makes me feel more helpless as the thought of having a large belly and preparing for labour is completely alien. I’m focusing on much smaller steps and just need to get though our scan next Thursday (8w 2d) and hopefully to the end of the first trimester, then I’ll start planning the next set of milestones. Any suggestions of positive affirmations to help me keep my sanity would be greatly appreciated.

So far, so good!

We had our scan (6w 2d) and the baby is measuring on track and it has a heart beat!! Cannot believe it. We even got given scan pictures. We’ve never been given scan pictures before as it’s always been bad news. I know it’s still really early but we’re one step closer and we get to go back in two weeks time for another checkup. I’m so relieved. Thank you for all of your support. X

Definition of insanity

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results then I deserve to be given a straight jacket now. I’m might not ‘expect’ a different result but I’m certainly hopeful.

We have a scan booked for Thursday morning and I’m finding that all the feelings I had in December just before our last early scan (which showed blighted ovum and was eventually diagnosed as molar pregnancy). I’ve just re-read my post from back then and it perfectly describes the emotions I’m experiencing now:

“One minute I think this pregnancy is going well, the next I’m sure it’s all over. We’ve got a scan booked for [Thursday] so, unless it’s inconclusive, by the time I go to bed [Thursday] night I’ll know one way or the other. The problem is, as much as I want to know, I think I only want to know if it’s good news. As much as I worry, I enjoy being pregnant and I’m not ready for it to be over. I’m not thinking very much about having a baby this time, I’m trying to take each day one step at a time. But whilst I’m pregnant there is hope and I don’t want to give that up yet. I know that it will come back again with time but I’m scared of the sadness that will come if the scan is bad news. Currently life in our house is happy (apprehensive, but happy) and yet I know that could all change and the crushing sadness, tears and fear about the future will be back. I’m not ready for that yet and certainly don’t want to let those feeling in any sooner than I have to”

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more than I want this pregnancy to be successful.