Positive affirmations for early pregnancy

I am hoping that you lovely bloggers may be able to help. I’m finding it really hard to feel positive about this pregnancy. I so want it to work out but with four losses I find it hard to imagine a successful outcome. I was hoping that you would be able to suggest some positive affirmations that I could use to calm my mind when the negative thoughts start creeping in. I’ve tried searching the Internet but so many of them are about birth or late pregnancy and that just makes me feel more helpless as the thought of having a large belly and preparing for labour is completely alien. I’m focusing on much smaller steps and just need to get though our scan next Thursday (8w 2d) and hopefully to the end of the first trimester, then I’ll start planning the next set of milestones. Any suggestions of positive affirmations to help me keep my sanity would be greatly appreciated.

14 thoughts on “Positive affirmations for early pregnancy

  1. I don’t know if it’s really what you had in mind, but I just kept telling myself that it was at least POSSIBLE that it could work out. Not particularly optimistic outlook, but it was all I could muster, and it did help when I was feeling my most negative. Very hopeful for you.

  2. A suggestion is just to celebrate and reward yourself (and baby!) for getting through one more day, one more step down the road. Maybe just a simple “good job baby, we made it through another day!” while you’re laying in bed? Or chocolate. Chocolate is always a good thing 🙂

  3. Pregnancy after miscarriage is hard. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop any day now, but we’ve made it to almost 15 weeks! I get so scared that something is going to happen every day, but something that has helped me somewhat is to go through what milestones I’ve already surpassed, such numbers rising and doubling as they should, an ultrasound revealing a baby measuring on time and a healthy heartbeat, getting to so many weeks past the last miscarriage, etc. Just take it one day at a time, that’s all I’m doing!! Lots of love to you! I think this is your take home baby – I really do!!!

  4. I totally feel you. I was explaining to a friend during my last miscarriage that, although it was hard, this is what pregnancy means to me so it wasn’t all together that unexpected. The opposite is now true – it’s next to impossible to envision a healthy outcome because it defies all of our life experiences. It really helped me to sit down and write a list of all the things (small or big, real or imagined) that are different for me this time around. When I sink into despair, I go back and read the list and find it calms me. I’ll be thinking of you for sure.

  5. After 5 losses before this current pregnancy, I completely understand how you fee hon. I’m 15 weeks tomorrow and still worried constantly that something will go wrong. What has really helped me so far is to keep telling myself this baby and this pregnancy are perfect and we will take this baby home. I say this whenever the doubts creep in and it really helps. Hang in there. We’ll get through this together ❤

  6. I did a lot of praying during those early weeks when the anxiety was high, and when I was having a particularly anxious moment I would stop and look around at the people around me (or at myself, if I was alone). I would say, “they were all tiny embryos once and they turned out fine.” It helped to think that way and ground myself in the possibility of a healthy baby.

  7. I just posted about my life-changing point of view I had at about 20 weeks. I had never stopped and thought “what is nothing is wrong”. I was so worried about what could be wrong. I know it’s still early and worrying about what could go wrong is normal during this stage but don’t forget to think about what could go right!!!!

  8. I’m in the same boat. The comment above about this baby being stuck on me makes me smile and that’s pretty much how I cope. I’ve stopped trying so hard, after 5 miscarriages, and I’ve started to just let life happen and trust my body and my baby to do what they should. So far I’m experiencing so much more excitement with this pregnancy and much less anxiety 🙂

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