Potential UTI. Why can’t it be easy?

On Monday I had my first midwife appointment to book my 12 week scan (which I still feel is getting ahead of ourselves as I have a 10 week scan to go first but I’m trying to think positively). The appointment was pretty uneventful. After all, this is my fifth pregnancy so I’m a bit of a whizz at the first trimester. It’s getting any further that I suck at.

Anyway, as expected, the midwife took blood and urine samples but told me not to worry about the results as she’d phone if there was a problem. So my heart sank when I saw a missed call from the doctor’s surgery at 8am this morning. The worst bit was when I called back their out of hours answer phone was on so I couldn’t speak to anyone. Eventually I did get through when the surgery finally opened and the receptionist told me the call was from the doctor and that there was a problem with my test results but she couldn’t tell me what and I would have to wait for the doctor to call me back… at lunchtime!

Needless to say this morning was hugely unproductive and work tine was mainly spent worrying, consulting Dr Google and worrying some more.

When I finally spoke to the doctor she said that my urine sample showed that I had a UTI and asked if I had any symptoms. I told her that I felt pretty rubbish, tired, nauseous, bloated etc and that I had a dull ache in my lower abdomen but I’d had all of those symptoms for weeks and had assumed ( and been told ) that they were normal pregnancy symptoms. The doctor concurred and asked if I had any burning sensations when I wee or a frequent need to urinate with little passing each time. I said I didn’t and she concluded that the test result may have been wrong. Apparently despite feeling like a pro, I don’t know how to pee in a cup correctly. I had no idea you were supposed to wee a bit first and then catch the urine mid-flow. So tomorrow morning I get to repeat the process and see if I can get a clear result. If not I’m going to need a course of antibiotics. The problem is, I’m allergic to the main pregnancy safe antibiotics so the doctor is going to see what I can take instead.

So far I’m resisting googling things like UTI and miscarriage risk as there is nothing I can do about it and I don’t want any more worry. I just need to get through the next week and hopefully we’ll be able to see bean kicking away at 10 weeks + next Thursday. I just wish things could be simple, just for once!

12 thoughts on “Potential UTI. Why can’t it be easy?

  1. I laughed a bit about the process…mostly because I used to collect urine samples from milk cows the same way. Let them urinate first a bit and then catch mid-stream. That just struck me as a funny similarity!!! I hope that everything is okay with the second sample and, if you do have a UTI, it isn’t too much that some good antibiotics would solve. I hope that Thursday rolls around wicked quick!!

  2. Thinking of you today! I hope that the results are good today. Please keep us posted.

    I also wanted you to know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Your blog is very inspiring to me and so many others! Details about the nomination are on my blog.


    • Thank you for the nomination. The results from the second test came back yesterday confirming that I don’t have a UTI. Phew! Only a few more days until our next scan on Thursday (10w 3d). Hurry up time! x

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