15 weeks today

I am 15 weeks pregnant today and it still doesn’t quite feel real. I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday and heard the heartbeat which was less emotional than I was expecting but it was great to know that baby bean is still alive and well. I heard back from the consultant about the high beta hCG and essentially they don’t know what is causing it. No one seems unduly concerned but they are going to give me another scan next week (at 16 weeks) which is great as 12 to 20 weeks felt like a very long wait! We’ve also booked a holiday to Croatia at the end of next month which I’m really looking forward to.

I’m starting to find the constant nausea pretty depressing. I keep being told that I must be feeling better by now but I’m really not. The nausea, excess saliva, headaches and exhaustion have now been pretty constant for over ten weeks and I’ve hardly had any time off work so I basically feel like I’m dragging my body around during the day at work and then sleeping at home, interspersed with frequent eating! I am getting excited about my tiny baby bump which is just starting to appear and look forward to finally getting the second trimester glow so that I can enjoy a shopping trip to get some maternity clothes.

I’m still worried that something might go wrong but from talking to friends I’m realising that this is normal whether you’ve been through RPL or not so I’m pleased that my experience now seems to be the same as most first time mums to be. My wish from now on is just to have a normal, event free pregnancy and a healthy baby.

10 thoughts on “15 weeks today

  1. My morning sickness was finally gone as of 19+3. I still had it past 20 weeks with my first son. I’m hoping this disappears for you soon! I’m so glad that everything is going so well for you and I am excited for your 16 week scan. I bet they will tell you the gender! Do you want to find out?

  2. So great that all is well! I don’t know if the nerves ever leave, but right now, there is nothing concrete to cause concern – all is well! Pray you find peace to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!

  3. Yay for 15 Weeks! I’m sorry you’re still feeling so awful. Hope it starts to get better soon! I will be praying that all is perfect at your 16 week scan!

    • Hi Mel. Thank you so much for your message. All is going well thanks. I’m currently 19 weeks and had a midwife checkup yesterday so go to hear the heartbeat. I’m going to do a proper update soon but thought I’d wait until after the 20 week scan went I should have more to report. Thank you for all the good wishes. I really appreciate it x

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