What a year!

This time last year I’d just been released from hospital and was at the start of months of testing to check that the molar pregnancy had gone. In April I got another BFP only to suffer another miscarriage (#4) on our wedding anniversary. What I didn’t know then was that the next cycle would result in a fifth pregnancy which would take me to today. 33 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the arrival of our baby next month.

I haven’t found being pregnant easy. I wish that I was able to enjoy it more but the fear that something will go wrong doesn’t seem to go away and the almost constant nausea is quite draining at times but it will all be worth it if we get a happy healthy baby at the end.

In exciting news my sister announced on Christmas Day that she is also pregnant (first baby, unplanned – I still don’t know how that happens!). She is currently 11 weeks but has yet to have a scan. Obviously this has me terrified that something will go wrong and the arrival of our baby will coincide with her recovery from a miscarriage but I have to keep reminding myself that she isn’t me and that 75% of pregnancies are successful so there is no reason why this won’t work out and our baby won’t have a little cousin to play with come August!

The bloggers network has continued to be an invaluable source of support for me over that last year. There have been many moments of joy and times of crushing sadness but the support which this network of women has shown to me and each other is inspiring. There is much said in the press about how social media is damaging human interaction and making people more isolated and lonely but I don’t know how I would have got through the last two years without this blog and the support of all of you.

Thank you. I hope that 2015 is kind to us all x

3 thoughts on “What a year!

  1. Your story is still one of my favorite stories–it has been so inspiring and gratifying to see you through this 5th pregnancy, after sharing so much of your heartache in the months prior. Happy 2015! XOXO

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