A hello and a goodbye 

First the hello….

I’m delighted to say that our little girl, Georgia Rose Rogers, was born on St Patrick’s Day weighing 7lb 6oz. I’ve written the birth story below to help me remember the details in years to come although it probably took longer to write the story than to give birth! 

We were booked in for an induction at 40 weeks due to Georgia’s decreased growth rate. I was given a pessary at 11.30am and was told that I would be checked again in 4 hours. For the first few hours nothing happened and I entertained myself by reading a book and watching Netflix. My husband went home to mow the lawn and do some jobs around the house as we figured there was no point us both being bored just waiting. 

At around 2pm I started to get some period type pains and decided to go for a walk to see if I could get some contractions going. By 2.45pm I text my husband and told him I was starting to get some pretty good pains but that I wouldn’t call them proper contractions yet (I was still able to sit and watch a film and didn’t have to ‘breath through the pain’). I asked a midwife for some paracetamol and was told they’d check my chart and get back to me. By 3.30pm I hadn’t got the paracetamol and was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable so I went to find someone but by the time I got back to my room 10 minutes later things had changed and I declared that I couldn’t cope with the pessary any more (thinking it was causing the incessant cramping feeling which didn’t feel like proper contractions) and I pulled it out. The midwife warned that it might stop the contractions but at that moment I didn’t care I just needed a break. I asked her to examine me to see if I’d managed to make any progress and she said that I was 5 – 6cm dilated and would be moved to the delivery suite. I called my husband and told him to come to the hospital as we were off to delivery (I can see from my phone that this call was made at 3.48pm). The midwife came back with a colleague soon after 4pm to move me to delivery and by that point I was desperate to have my TENS machine on or to get some gas and air. The problem was that the contractions wouldn’t stop long enough for me to get off the bed where I was kneeing and into the wheelchair.

Suddenly the urge to push was overwhelming. I was concerned that I shouldn’t as I thought I was nowhere near 10cm but my waters broke at that moment and then I couldn’t have stopped pushing if I’d wanted to. Thankfully at 4.15pm my husband arrived and was very surprised to hear one of the midwives announce that the head was nearly out! At 4.20pm Georgia was born in the antenatal ward without the aid of any pain relief (this wasn’t through choice but gas and air was only available on the delivery suite and we never made it that far). The birth was far quicker than I expected and with hindsight I’m very glad we were booked in for an induction as if the labour had started at home I don’t think we would have made it to the hospital. Overall I’m amazed at how calm I managed to remain during the process particularly as for most of the labour I was alone in the antenatal room. 

And goodbye…. 

The safe arrival of Georgie also means it’s time for me to say goodbye to this blog. I started writing after my second miscarriage to help me release and make sense of the emotions I was feeling. Now that we have completed our family I find that I no longer have anything to write. I never intended to be a mummy blogger (although I love reading other people’s) and although I will continue to read, comment and support other bloggers, for me this chapter is now complete. 

Blogging and connecting with all the fabulous and supportive people I’ve met during the last three years has been completely invaluable. It has helped me through some of the darkest times when I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. It made me feel less alone and gave me hope that we would have a postive outcome after all the heartache. For anyone currently dealing with pregnancy loss or infertility I would wholeheartedly recommend starting a blog (even if you don’t publish it) and reaching out to other bloggers. There is a fantastic community of people out there who will support you and when you need them they will become some of the most important people in your life.  
To all those who have helped me over the last three years, THANK YOU, your support and guidance has meant more than you will ever know xXx 

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