Miscarriage 3 – Now ‘recurrent’

It took a little longer to get pregnant after the second miscarriage. But we only actually ‘tried’ for three months so it was still pretty quick. I tried hard to keep in mind the positive statistics. Chances are we had just been unlikely twice, there was nothing to indicate that it wouldn’t be a simple case of third time lucky. Upon seeing the positive test I was even having visions of walking down the aisle as bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding next summer carrying a little baby. Sadly that isn’t going to happen.

I tested really early and got a positive result at 10dpo. The test gradually got stronger over the coming days and I quickly developed the usual pregnant symptoms of nausea, painful boobs, tiredness and increased CM. So far so good. At week 6 I had a little panic as the symptoms seemed to be fading so I booked a private scan, not waiting to wait until 12 weeks to be seen by the NHS. Almost immediately the symptoms were back and I was cursing myself for wasting money on a private scan but decided not to cancel it.

The day of the scan appointment took forever as the scan wasn’t until the evening but eventually we were in the doctor’s office with jelly on my belly waiting to see what the news was. Unfortunately as soon as I saw the picture on the screen I knew it was bad news. An empty sac (blighted ovum). A new type of miscarriage for us but a miscarriage none the less.

I didn’t want further surgery so I opted for a medical management. This was unsuccessful. Although I passed the pregnancy sac, products remained which wouldn’t pass on their own. I was booked in for a further ERPC but during the scan concerns were raised about the level of my bHCG and a ‘mass’ near my left overy. I had an ERPC and a laparoscopy due to a concern about the mass being an eptopic twin. There was no eptopic pregnancy just an enlarged corpus luteum but the doctors were concerned that my endometrium was highly vascular and cystic which is consistent with a moral pregnancy. I also had a bHCG of 37,000 11 days after passing the pregnancy sac. The products were tested by our local hospital and were ‘abnormal’ so were sent to Charing Cross Hospital for a specialist opinion. After a wait of over 7 weeks following the D&C we finally received the result we didn’t want. It was a molar pregnancy. I now require ongoing monitoring and a wait of up to six months before we can try to conceive again.

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