Miscarriage 4 – Chemical pregnancy

Five months after the molar pregnancy. We were given the all clear to try to conceive again. To my delight on only the second cycle of trying I awoke one morning to the tell-tale nausea. I was only 10DPO and still four days away from the scheduled arrival of AF but I decided to test and sure enough the two little lines appeared. The second line was very faint but I concluded it was just because I had tested so early. Over the next two days the second line got darker and, although it was definitely not as dark as the control line at 12DPO, I felt pretty confident that things were going in the right direction.

It was the weekend of our second wedding anniversary and the boy and I had a night away booked in a spa hotel so I decided not to test for the next two days. We had a great time and I managed to keep thoughts and discussion of pregnancy and miscarriage to a minimum even though I had to pass up on some of the parts of the spa and couldn’t have a celebratory glass of wine to toast our anniversary. The day after returning from our weekend break (and on the day of our actual anniversary) I took another test in the morning hoping to see a nice dark line as by this point I was 15DPO and AF was a few days late. Sadly only one line appeared. Our dreams of pregnancy #4 being successful were over with one POAS.

Thankfully AF wasn’t far behind and amazingly we managed to catch the egg again on the very next cycle for pregnancy #5.


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