Our TTC Timeline

May 2012 – Married

August 2012 – Started trying for a baby (or at least stopped preventing it)

Jan 2013 – BFP #1

March 2013 – Miscarriage #1 discovered at our 12 week scan. Missed miscarriage, the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks. We waited to see if I would miscarry naturally but it didn’t happen. I had an ERPC at the end of March. We have subsequently discovered that the material from this miscarriage showed signs of being molar. The materials were tested at our local hospital and then sent to St Mary’s in London for specialist review. The results were a non-molar hydropic miscarriage.

May 2013 – BFP #2

June 2013 – Miscarriage #2 discovered at 8 weeks following some light spotting. Another missed miscarriage. This time the baby had stopped growing at 5 weeks. Again, I waited to see if I would miscarry naturally. I didn’t and had a second ERPC at the beginning of July.

October 2013 – BFP #3

December 2013 – Miscarriage #3 discovered at 7 weeks at a private scan. There were no signs that anything was wrong with the pregnancy. The result this time was a blighted ovum / anembryonic pregnancy. I didn’t want more surgery so opted for a medical management. This was only partially successful, I passed the pregnancy sac but other products remained. I had a further ERPC and a laparoscopy due to a concern about an eptopic twin. There was no eptopic pregnancy just an enlarged corpus luteum but the doctors were concerned that my endometrium was highly vascular and cystic which is consistent with a moral pregnancy. I also had a bHCG of 37,000 11 days after passing the pregnancy sac.

January 2014 – The products were tested by our local hospital and were ‘abnormal’ so were sent to Charing Cross Hospital for a specialist opinion.

February 2014 – After a long wait the results were finally received from Charing Cross Hospital. It was a molar pregnancy (boo!). I am now having my blood and urine tested for bHCG every two weeks to check that the mole disappears and does not grow or spread. I am also awaiting for a referral to the recurrent miscarriage clinic for further tests. This referral was made on 24 December 2013.

April 2014 – Finally got my appointment at the recurrent miscarriage clinic. Essentially nothing happened other than a few blood tests. I have another appointment booked for June to find out what the results are. We also got ‘signed off’ by the molar pregnancy unit at Charing Cross Hospital and were able to start TTC again.

May 2014 – Our efforts were successful and on the second cycle I got a BFP (albeit a faint one). However, it only lasted for 6 days before the line faded and we got BFN. Thankfully AF arrived pretty quickly. At this point I couldn’t believe that we had now had two missed miscarriages, a molar pregnancy and a chemical pregnancy.

Early June 2014 – I had the follow up appointment with the consultant to get the results of my blood tests. All were negative so our recurrent miscarriages are currently ‘unexplained’ although we haven’t had any chromosomal tests, the boy hasn’t had his sperm tests and I haven’t had my womb looked at so there are still some other investigations which could be done but we’ll need to be referred to a London hospital for those.

June 2014 – BFP #5. Despite some challenges in the bedroom we were successful in catching the egg again this month. Frustratingly I had a bleed on the day that AF was due but it didn’t last too long. Now we’re in wait and see territory.

August 2014 – We finally made it to the elusive second trimester and all is going well. I’ve been really nauseous and find it hard to believe that I’m actually pregnant and should have a baby in February next year but I’m so so thankful.


4 thoughts on “Our TTC Timeline

    • Thank you. I’m so sorry to read about your losses, particularly the twins that you lost most recently. I hope that vis our blogs we can help to support each other through this horrible experience xxx

      • Thank you too. It’s so heart breaking. I hope you can find answers when you get the tests back or at least have a direction to go in with regards to a treatment plan. It’s cruel making you wait until after 3 miscarriages before they do anything!! Sending you all my love and support and I look forward to your updates xx

  1. I will keep you in my prayers and I will also follow your blog. Our stories have alot in common so I will keep in touch and see how things are going : ) Good Luck!

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